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Fb3 mainsheet

The mainsheet is on a bridle. This is two light lines located aft of the cockpit, spliced to the sheet. The system is a pit like a laser except that it is fixed rather than having a sliding block, and is not tensioned down onto the tiller. It seems that most boats do not use a purchase between boom and the ratchet block on the centrecase and this is the case here. If they do then a horse to reduce sheet lengths is common.

The main.

I am not sure how this will work in practice for us. There is a risk that the loads on the sheet will be too high for an older weaker helm. But there are big advantages in simplicity, and not having so much rope in the boat.

I will be replacing the existing block and cleat on the centrecase. I used to have a contender and found that good gear here was important. The size of the sail meant that having the main cleated was usual, but it was very important to be able to ease quickly in puffs.

Here is what we have.