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· One min read

Most people looking at this will have my email address and/or can talk to me direct about what they know of the Curhams.

This website is able to be accessed by everyone everywhere though, so there may be people who will find it and who may have knowledge that will make this better. Or you may just wish to comment generally, see below for the comments widget.

Please create a free github login if you don't already have one. No credit card details are required. Once that is done logging in and commenting is easy.

I have also enabled commenting on some of the miscellaneous blog posts, on beekeeping and on mapping.

· 2 min read

This is an investigation of mapping processes and links to my father's work as a geographer. This came out of a need to map a 100 acre bush block in the Waitakere ranges, west of Auckland. I then moved to a flatter more farm like site, where easy public access is available. I made both a 3d map, useful for presentation purposes, and available as a downloadable model, and more traditional 2d maps, spatially linked to data and useful for ongoing management.

· 5 min read


This post is about building hiveware for beekeeping. It is historical, as due to time constraints I am not keeping bees at present.

· 4 min read

The mode of writing of the family memoir and history presented here is not original. Tolstoy is deliberately quoted but unackowledged, and the whole is considered using ideas drawn from Edmund Gosse, Father and Son. As well, I have always been fascinated by Phillip Henry Gosse's Omphalos Theory. A learned article is here